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When using the BitCurator virtual machine, you may wish to transfer a file, multiple files, or folder between the BitCurator environment and your machine (e.g. from the BitCurator VM desktop to the desktop of the machine on which you're running BitCurator); the following instructions will help you do this.

If you're interested in creating a disk image of a piece of born-digital media, it's highly recommended you follow these instructions to create the disk image within the BitCurator environment, which will package information about the imaging process with the disk image so that in the future, it's easy to call up information about that image such as who imaged it and when the imaging took place.

Sharing a folder between BitCurator and your machine

1. Once you've started up the BitCurator virtual machine, on the top left of the VirtualBox window (above the BitCurator virtual machine window) will be four pull down menus specifically for VirtualBox: Machine, View, Devices, and Help. Click “Devices" > "Shared Folders Settings” (see Figure 1).

  • Note: A prompt may open asking if you would like to install the VirtualBox Guest Additions. Although BitCurator comes with the Guest Additions preinstalled, you may need to install an updated Guest Additions package if you are running a recent release of VirtualBox.
Figure 1: Select "Shared Folders" from the Devices menu.

2. Click on the folder icon with the green plus in it, and select “Other...” under “Folder Path...” (see Figure 2).

3. Click “Make New Folder” to make a new shared folder somewhere on your host machine (e.g. in the home directory of your host computer).

  • Note: Use the VirtualBox tool to create the new folder in order to make sure that your guest OS will have permission to access it.

4. Select “Auto Mount” and “Make Permanent”, and click OK (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: Make the new shared directory with the Shared Folders tool.