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Our latest screencast tutorials are below. You can also visit the BitCurator YouTube channel to view these screencasts or follow the channel to be informed about updates and new additions.

BitCurator Environment

Installing BitCurator as a Virtual Machine using VirtualBox
Creating a Disk Image using Guymager in BitCurator
Locating Potentially Sensitive Info with Bulk Extractor Viewer
BitCurator: Run All Tool
BitCurator: Safe Disk Mounting
Using fiwalk to Generate DFXML
BitCurator Reporting Tool
Using the Annotated Features tool
Performing Data Triage Using Nautilus Scripts
Viewing, editing, and exporting metadata from image files
View and export information from HFS-formatted disk images

BitCurator Access Webtools

Installation (pre-0.7.0)
Indexing (pre-0.7.0)
Browse and Search (pre-0.7.0)